Dealing With A Bully

If your child is bullied, it will affect his well-being, his school performance and if he does not sees a way out…it will lead to self destruction.

As a responsible parent, your child’s safety, well-being, and life depend on you. You need to know how to deal with your child’s school.

Bring it to the attention of the school principal, teacher and counsellors. Keep a record of your visit and conversation as you may need to produce these records as evidence in the court.

What is the school going to do about the problem? Will they excuse the bully’s behaviour and brush it aside as “a kid’s thing”, “it’s a passing phase”, “it’s not serious”.

Or will they warn the bully, monitor the bully, or suspend the bully?

How will the principal react in their meeting with the bully’s parents? Will he stand up the parents or will he cower when the parent threatens to sue the school or denies any wrong doing?

If the school is not helpful, get a lawyer and a journalist. Communicate in writing and keep records of them as proof that school officials received your letters. Write to the local authorities. Get some publicity.

Bullying is rarely an isolated event. Your child is probably not the only victim. So unite with other parents whose children are bullied. Get witnesses who will put their evidence in writing. The best thing a parent can do is sign up for information on how to protect your children. There are plenty of anti bullying programs around the country that can assist you with choosing a program that works for your kids!

Do you have a website for your martial art school?


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If your website not helpful in getting revenue for your martial arts school in spite of having a good design, content, layout and graphics, the website is unable to produce income that you expect from your website. The answer to this problem most likely lies in the lack of usability in your site.

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